What a difference a snowstorm makes

It’s wintertime in Snowshoe! Yesterday, the 3rd of March was bright sunshine and plenty of fun with some special events – including the spectacle of hip-hop DJs and grown men riding tricycles in the middle of the Village Plaza. But today the 4th of March is an awesome snowstorm. We awoke to just a half inch of fresh snowfall. But, more importantly, the snow guns ran all night, and at the time of this writing, just before noon, the snow is still coming down in big glorious flakes with at least two inches having already fallen and a forecast for more.

The Skidder slope yesterday around mid-day.

The Skidder slope yesterday around mid-day.

Skidder at 6:52am with groomers and snow-making

Skidder at 6:52am with groomers and snow-making

Skidder today at 11:34am Sunday.

Skidder today at 11:34am Sunday.

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