Snowshoe extends season to April 6

124" so far in the 2013-2014 season.

Riding a wave of 29 inches of snow in the past seven days and making the announcement on the day the $199 “Ridiculous Pass” goes on sale, Snowshoe reveals that it will remain open for snowsports until April 6. Prior statements alluded to skiing and snowboarding through March, and the resort website still touts deals “through March,” but this February 18 Facebook announcement seems clear:

“Oh and just because we are feeling extra #ridiculous, we are going to extended [sic] the season to include April 5th and 6th for your skiing and riding pleasure!”

So the Facebook admin may have been a little rushed, but one surmises that he or she is rushing out to the slopes which have enjoyed a reported 124 inches of snowfall thus far this season. Although that includes some early-season snowfalls washed away by rain in late November and early December, the point remains that this has been a bountiful season.

Those of us with condos have seen an uptick in rentals, the slopes have seemed loaded with patrons, and the trees have sagged under the heavy blankets of snow. Snowshoe appears on track to exceeding its 180-inch annual snowfall average.

Hopefully, April 6 will include that pond-skimming event on the Skidder slope in which die-hards attempt to ski atop the water.

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