And Snowshoe has opened

snowshoe-opener Snowshoe has opened, and has the story.

It happened a bit later than first hopee (November 25) and later than subsequently hoped (December 4), but it did finally happen on Saturday, December 5.

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  1. Mom

    Even though your budget might be tight this year, try not to give up skiing, especially if you have kids. My now college graduated daughter looked forward all year to our long weekend at Snowshoe, and a few other day trips. For her skiing was a wonderful confidence builder, and it was Snowshoe that she loved the most. Spending all day outdoors in the bright sunshine, or under snowy, or rainy skies, she never tired and loved the independence and exhilaration of the physical challenge.

    Skip the electronic gifts that keep kids inside and give them a ski pass, you’ll never regret it.

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