44″ superstorm was this weekend in ’93


This is how the superstorm looked in Asheville, NC

This past weekend at Snowshoe may have seemed a little wet and warm, but 16 years ago skiers were treated to a whopping 44 inches of powder, according to one source. This was the so-calles “superstorm” that smothered the eastern United States with heavy snowfall, high winds, and blizzard conditions. It was also, a bit to the east of Snowshoe in Lynchburg, Virginia, where it caused the stagehouse of the then-vacant Academy of Fine Arts theater to collapse.

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One response to “44″ superstorm was this weekend in ’93”

  1. snowgirl

    Bet Doc Brigham loved this storm. Another confirmation of why he started Snowshoe–just got more snow .
    Found this sweet story at your Feb. 18th article from High Country Press:
    “Doc loved the Weather Channel. While at Snowshoe, “Weather Channel Jazz” was in the background constantly. Of an evening, with a glass of red wine in hand, he would check out the forecast one last time. And occasionally in the later years, fall asleep, quite content so long as the forecast called for snow.”

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