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Snowshoe parent sheds Copper like an old penny

Shedding Copper Mountain, the place that Intrawest had been transforming from Denver day-area to bustling destination resort, comes at such an importune time, the Wall Street Journal reports, that the company — which owns Snowshoe — probably realized no gain for all its hard work and investment. In July, Intrawest’s boss said times are tough.

Snowshoe delays opening ’til Dec. 4

Snowshoe delays opening ’til Dec. 4

The updated snowline (303-4-572-4636) indicates that, due to the warm November weather, Snowshoe Resort — which had been shooting for a day-before-Thanksgiving opening — is now gunning for a tentative opening day of December 4. Regrettably, the forecast isn’t showing any immediate wave of cold temperatures.

Season’s first fatality: 14-y.o. at Breckenridge (with helmet)

Fourteen-year-old Haley Rose Gans of Colorado Springs, Colorado, died Friday, November 20, after reportedly skiing into a tree. Despite wearing a helmet — something that’s grown increasingly popular with resorts and skiers in recent years — blunt trauma to the chest may have doomed the girl. The Denver Post has the story.

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